Oral Surgery

At Desoto Dental Services we can see to your oral surgical needs on-site in our office, or by referral to a specialist when indicated.  We can manage your:

  • Extractions
  • Implant dentistry
  • Periodontal surgery
  • Endodontic surgery
  • Pre-prosthetic surgery.


Sometimes teeth need to come out. Extractions are classified as simple or surgical. The simple is just getting a tooth removed, while the surgical involves removing gum or bone around the tooth to provide access for the extraction instruments and might or might not require stitches.  We do most extractions here in our office, but if your case is complicated, or requires that you are sedated to do your treatment, we will refer you to an oral surgeon.

Implant Dentistry

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in the bone and integrate or combine with the bone as the surgical site heals.  They are used to support crowns, bridges, dentures, and partial dentures.  We offer single tooth implant placement, and when appropriate, immediate implant placement following the extraction of a tooth. Often an extraction site will need grafting, or socket preservation procedures to ensure that there is adequate bone to support a dental implant.

If your implant requires a complex bone graft, or a sinus lift procedure (raising the floor to the sinuses with bone grafting to provide a solid foundation for your implant), your case will be referred to an oral surgeon or periodontist.

Periodontal Surgery

We offer laser surgery with a diode laser for some periodontal surgeries, such as frenectomies (lip tie), or for cosmetic recontouring of the gums to reduce or eliminate "gummy smile".  Follow the technology link to learn more about the diode laser.

In the event that our patients' periodontal disease is advanced to the point that surgery might be indicated, we refer to periodontal specialists for comprehensive periodontal care.

Endodontic Surgery

Some root canals require a surgical treatment to the tip of the root to complete treatment.  We refer those to specialists for care.

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

Some patients who need dentures, partial dentures or crowns and bridges have bony nodules or ridges, soft tissue overgrowth, or areas that need to have bone or gum tissue grafted to ensure the best fit and the best look of their final treatment.  We treatment plan the final contour needed for you to be able to comfortably wear your denture or other prosthesis, and refer to a qualified oral surgeon.