If you are a patient of record and have a dental emergency, leave a message on the office voicemail, and your call will be returned. Messages will be checked after 5:00 PM. If it is an acute pain emergency, or if you are not a patient of record you should seek help at an emergency room or urgent care center.

On Line Appointment Bookings using Brighter

If you are trying to make an appointment using the Brighter appointment service, your request for a specific date and time is a request, not a booked appointment. Brighter emails us and we look to see if there is an appointment available. If there is an available appointment at the time you request we will place your name in that time slot and confirm with you. If that time slot is not available, we will alert you with two (2) alternate time slots and hold them for you for 1 day pending your acceptance. Please respond as soon as possible so we can free up time slots that do not work for you. We appreciate your helping us to effectively use Brighter


Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM


We not only restore dental implants, but in many cases, we place them too. Check out implants under services/dental implants.


Patients of record should call the office telephone number (662) 892-8535 and leave a message on the voice mail. Messages are checked after 5:00 PM on Friday, and again on Saturday. Your call will be returned. If you are not a patient of record, or if your emergency is acute, you should seek help immediately at an emergency room.